Miss Christina



Miss Christina poster

“Miss Christina” is a fantastic thriller based on Mircea Eliade‘s novel of the same title.


Painter Egor Pașchievici, arriving at the mansion of the Moscu family together with his lover, Sanda, notices that her entire family worships Sanda’s aunt, Miss Christina, who had been killed in unclear circumstances when she was 20 years old, during the rebellion that took place in Romania in 1907. Egor is inexplicably drawn by Miss Christina’s portrait and starts to see her in his dreams. Soon after, however, the border between dream and reality becomes blurred, and Miss Christina, who is in love with Egor, is resurrected by occult rituals performed by her own family. As Miss Christina is coming back to life, Sanda suddenly falls ill. When Egor realizes that Sanda’s life is in danger, he decides to face the ghost and his own confused feelings.

”Director Alexandru Maftei does not restrict himself too closely to the gothic tradition, instead mixing a healthy sampling of the old with aesthetic choices of his own. The dream sequences are a visual delight. He captures the detached feeling and inability of escape masterfully. The tension builds slowly and a solemn mood gently draws you in.”

Derek Deskins, Next projection, nextprojection.com

The movie was filmed in the summer of 2011 in Bucharest, Doftana, and Dobrogea.